Your Day Job Escape Plan

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Can you picture or imagine what your life would look like if you no longer had to work at your job?

Would you: A. Travel more? B. Spend more time with family? C. Volunteer more? D. Some, or all, of the above?

My New Coaching Program

I’m excited to introduce to you my new coaching program called Your Day Job Escape Plan. Throughout this program, I will walk you through my proprietary coaching process of developing a realistic, customized, written financial life plan to help you escape your day job with confidence.

Truth be told, anyone can escape their day job right now. It’s easy! Just walk into your boss’ office tomorrow morning and say “I quit!” Easy as that, right? Umm… not so much.

A Simple Formula

The key is in the “confidence” part. You want to escape your day job, not on a whim, but WITH CONFIDENCE. You can achieve this confidence using a simple formula (as outlined in my new book Undiscovered Riches: How to Find Your Hidden Wealth, currently available on Amazon in both print and Kindle format), that I like to refer to as WHY, WHAT and HOW.


Your WHY is your big picture vision–something (your something) that you can really get excited about. Maybe your WHY is something you haven’t shared with anyone yet for fear of ridicule or criticism. Maybe you’ve not yet taken the time to even think about it. But, for whatever reason you haven not done this yet, articulating your WHY is the critical first step towards escaping your day job and living your life to the fullest and on your own terms.

Your WHAT is your day job escape vehicle. Literally, it is your alternative source (or sources) of income. In a practical sense, your WHAT will fall under one of the three following categories:

  • Business (Entrepreneurship)
  • Real estate investing
  • Trading the financial markets

Notice that “finding another job” is not one of those categories. The challenge is you probably don’t know enough about any of the above three categories to make an informed decision as to which one will be your first escape vehicle. The number of sub-categories in each area are dizzying when you take even half a moment to consider them.

Your HOW is the numbers part. It’s the rubber-hits-the-road specialized knowledge of both your chosen escape vehicle and your personal finances. For example, if [insert name of escape vehicle here] were easy, everyone would be doing it, right? Right. It’s not easy. And that’s why so very few people actually get the most out of their life.

Besides not feeling confident, there’s a reason why not everyone owns a business, not everyone has rental properties and not everyone is trading stocks and options. The primary problem is a lack of specialized knowledge. The secondary problem is a lack of financial preparation.When you solve these two problems, the result is confidence–confidence to take the last step, which is action.

You will find the solution for both problems below. The final step–ACTION–can only be take by you, and you alone.

Here’s Your Challenge

What I have found over my 12+ years of personal financial planning, real estate investing, financial markets trading and coaching experience is that the one thing holding people back from living the life they truly want to live is figuring out how the heck they’re going to make money outside of their day job–one that will:

  • A. Replace or exceed their current salary.
  • B. Allow them the time freedom and flexibility to either travel, volunteer or just be with family. Or,
  • C. Be sustainable.

Making the financial transition from your day job to full-time self-employment or full-time investing is hard! And scary! Trust me. I know, because I’ve lived it (to read about my story, click here).

Think about this: Where can you learn about escaping your day job? What is the process? Who is qualified to guide you? Where do you go to school for that? Where do you even start?!

These are the needs that my new coaching program fills. Your Day Job Escape Plan is like a hyper-focused financial plan on steroids–one that is focused on freeing you from the shackles that keep you a prisoner within your place of employment. It is financial life coaching at it’s best and it’s available for a select few brave souls.

Here’s Your Solution

Your Day Job Escape Plan is a written financial plan and coaching program–the likes of which no Certified Financial Planner or life coach has ever seen or imagined before, much less qualified to facilitate. I will develop your written plan with you one-on-one over the phone, internet and email over 90 days covering 3 laser-focused modules as described below:

Module 1: Articulating Your WHY

  • Two one-on-one phone sessions
  • 60-minutes each
  • Two weeks apart
  • Fun assignment in between sessions

Session 1: This is your chance to dream again. During your first session, I will guide you through an exercise to help you dust off those hopes and dreams and bucket list items you previously set aside when you decided you had to “grow up” and focus on grown up things like getting a job, paying off student loans and paying bills.

Session 2: In the second session, we will refine this vision of yours to the point that it will serve as an unlimited source of inspiration, energy and motivation to see the rest of your plan through to fruition.

Module 2: Choosing Your WHAT

  • Two one-on-one phone sessions
  • 60-minutes each
  • Two weeks apart
  • Fun assignment in between sessions

Here, I will share with you the real deal behind each of the three escape vehicles, or “asset classes” as economic academia likes to call them. The three main asset classes, once again, are:

  • Business (Entrepreneurship)
  • Real estate investing
  • Trading the financial markets

The objective of these two phone sessions is to determine which asset class–and which specific sub-category of the chosen asset class–would best match both your personality and the skills and abilities you bring to the table.

Session 3: In the third session, I will give you an overview of what each asset class involves–in terms of time commitment, effort and start-up capital–in the context of serving as your potential day job escape vehicle.

Between sessions: In the two weeks between sessions, you will have a fun assignment researching more about each escape vehicle or focusing on the one escape vehicle that you have already decided appeals to you the most.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already have a day job escape vehicle in mind (i.e. If you are currently working your escape plan on the side or you already know that you are interested in one particular asset class), we will focus on clarifying how you can fit your chosen vehicle into your overall escape plan.

Session 4: In the second session, I will help you figure out which escape vehicle realistically best suits your immediate needs and appeals to you the most.

Module 3: Determining Your HOW

  • Two one-on-one phone sessions
  • 60-minutes each
  • Two weeks apart
  • Fun assignment in between sessions

At this point in our coaching sessions, your excitement level will be reaching a fever pitch. This is the point where we will take a look at your numbers and bring your entire Day Job Escape Plan together culminating in a set of realistic, time-bound action steps.

In preparation for session one: You will complete a personal financial summary using one of my templates and send it to me ahead of time.

Session 5: In session five, we will discuss your current financial picture in context of your WHY and your WHAT. We will explore what, if any, changes we can make or are necessary to make regarding your current financial picture.

For example, if you will benefit from consolidating debt, we will discuss to do that. If you need to repair your credit, I will teach you how to do so as quickly as possible. If you need to safeguard your current investments against a market downturn, I will give you some options. If there are opportunities to minimize your monthly expense obligations, we will discuss those as well.

Between sessions: During the two weeks in between sessions, you will execute as many of the necessary changes as you can, as applicable.

Session 2: In the second session, we will define your action steps going forward with time-bound target dates.

Mini Pep Talk

If you have read everything up to this point, I am very impressed. It tells me that you are quite literally one in a few hundred who possess the raw materials of what it takes to reap the benefits of escaping your day job.

You see, the vast majority of people merely wish they could have more time to do the things they truly love to do, like traveling, volunteering or being there for friends and family. Obviously, very few believe that they can actually have this kind of life and fewer still pay the price to have this type of freedom.

The fact that you are sitting there reading these words right now proves that there is is something special inside of you that very few others possess. Take a deep breath–in and out. That “something special” is an entrepreneurial spirit and it is something that the majority of people that you know lack. It is this entrepreneurial spirit, when nurtured and developed, that will allow you to live the life that many others can only dream of.

MY Vision

To be honest, I have been trying to develop this program for several months now and I have even invested over $10,000 in my own coaches to help me get this off the ground (not to mention the tens of thousands I invested in other investing and entrepreneurship programs). But, being the sometimes-unfortunate perfectionist that I am, it’s been a bit of a struggle.

Eventually, I will make Your Day Job Escape Plan coaching program a multimedia, multi-faceted, year-long program complete with detailed video instruction, downloadable audio interviews, self-study assignments, group coaching, group Q&A, guest instructors (some of my personal mentors), additional coaching specialists and even an annual conference, possibly somewhere warm and sunny. Either that or somewhere near the Toronto international airport. 🙂

The price tag for this multimedia, multi-faceted, year-long program will easily top $6000 or more. But, when I shared this vision with one my own coaches recently, he said it sounded great, but then he asked how much longer it might take for me to put it all together.

The silence was deafening. I could not give him a solid answer. I could not give him any answer for that matter.

After a few moments, he then asked me how soon I could serve people with my financial life coaching expertise if I really put my mind to it.

I told him in a few minutes what I just outlined for you above.

He then asked me “Well, why don’t you just do that?”

With a humble smile, I answered “So this is why you get paid the big bucks.”

Opportunity for 5 People

And so it is that the tricked out version of Your Day Job Escape Plan for $6000+ remains a work in progress.

In the meantime, I am making my financial life coaching expertise available to you one-on-one (no group coaching, no recorded instruction, just live coaching) for less than 75% of the price of what I will be offering this program for in the near future AND you get me live one-on-one for each of the six coaching sessions.

You can benefit from

Your Day Job Escape Plan, not for $6000, but for

3 payments of $600 each, or

One payment of only $1500


And that’s in Canadian funds, so if you are American, that’s like 8 bucks. Just kidding. You know what I mean.

In the end, together you and I will have developed a realistic, customized, written financial life plan that is hyper-focused on helping you escape your day job with confidence.

Others have paid over $400 per hour for my one-on-one coaching time with a less specific curriculum and with a minimum of 10 coaching sessions, for a minimum of $4000. At the same hourly rate, my new program Your Day Job Escape Plan would cost at least $2400.

To ensure that I am just as hyper-focused as the written Day Job Escape Plan that you and I will develop together, the number of coaching clients I will take on at this time is limited to just 5 people. Why just 5 people? Because I have two very young children and I travel 2 to 3 times each month conducting weekend workshops on real estate and financial markets investing. That’s why. 🙂

Acceptance into Your Day Job Escape Plan coaching program is by application only. Here is the application process:

  1. Click on one of the ADD TO CART buttons below to make your payment.
  2. You and I will schedule a free 30-minute strategy session to see if we are a good match.
  3. If we both feel that we are a good match and believe that you will get true value from my coaching program, then we will schedule our first session. Otherwise, your payment will be promptly refunded.
$600 (first of 3 payments)
$1500 (one-time payment)

Money-Back Guarantee

By the time we complete all three modules, if you are not fully satisfied with Your Day Job Escape Plan I will refund 100% of your money and you can keep everything that we have worked on together up to that point.


Email me today at, or call me at (647) 494-7880, toll-free at 1-888-398-8835 ext. 902 and get your questions answered.

Free Surprise Bonuses

My passion is to work with people who have passion in themselves by serving them with my unique expertise in financial life coaching. For this reason, I like to reward people who take action. That is why I will be offering the 5 special people who enroll in this coaching program with additional high-value, high-return surprise bonuses.

It could be in the form of additional resources. It could be in the form of additional focused coaching sessions. It could simply be in the form a further price discount.

One thing is for sure: You will be pleasantly surprised and rewarded for taking action. And, you will only be able to receive these free surprise bonuses if you take action by calling or emailing me today.

With a sincere desire to be of service,

Roel Sarmago, CFP

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